Naughty Knot

Naughty Knot Make yourself into perfect romantic gift to give someone, wrap yourself up in a Naughty Knot and become a human present. A unique romantic gift for those special, intimate times: anniversary, the "Random Display of Affection," and of course Valentine's Day!! OR look HOT at the Swingers Party! Designed to cover up just a little bit and with just one tug of the bow, the ribbon will slide off to reveal the whole gift. It is a clever design of the bow, the shoulder sash and thong piece all in one. The Naughty Knot is adjustable so if you are anywhere between 5' to 5'9" tall and an AA to DD cup size, then it will fit. Made of a satin-blend material, It can be washed on low temperature and ironed on low heat.
Naughty Knot
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